The Aliens

High Fidelity is for me, like I imagine it is for most audiophiles, a definitive piece of work in either book or movie form.  It’s comforting to know that – even if everything else is fucked in my life – at least I know what the hell I’m talking about when it comes to music.  And not just that, but that it’s a worthwhile thing to be a little bit manic about whatever it is we’re all a little bit manic about.  I have music (and possibly baseball) to fall back on.  But while the Mets may fail me year after year, music as a whole never has.  That’s comforting.

Anyway, there’s this band I just heard named The Aliens, which is why I bring up High Fidelity.  As it turns out, The Aliens are some of the former members of The Beta Band, whose work I am almost wholly unfamiliar with – except for their use in High Fidelity.

(The scene where The Beta Band is used starts about 1:34)

The Aliens are kind of an updated take on the psychedelic pop of the 1960’s – all harmonies, sing-a-long songs, blissed out rock.  Have a listen to “Sunlamp Show” from their most recent album Luna, and compare it with the electro-folk of their former band.

Have a sunny weekend.

The Aliens – Sunlamp Show (mp3) from Luna

The Beta Band – Dry the Rain (mp3) from The Three EPs


2 responses to “The Aliens

  1. “But while the Mets may fail me year after year, music as a whole never has. ” No truer words were ever written.

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