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1000 Minutes: Dave #31

I was set on doing an all Tokyo Police Club 1K today, but then I came across something that was most worthy of mentioning. So I’ll explain that in a minute. Onward.

62. Tokyo Police Club – Nature Of The Experiment (mp3) from A Lesson In Crime EP (2:01) [Time Remaining: 750:26]

63. Tokyo Police Club – Nature of the Experiment (RAC Mix) (mp3) from RAC Volume 1 (2:12) [Time Remaining: 748:14]

Dave Monks has a way with words. One of the preeminent lyricists in my opinion in fact. He has a way of talking about something and getting his point across fluidly without clubbing you over the head with its meaning. I love that. This song is off one of the band’s early EP’s, demonstrating their prowess in garage rock/post-punk and shaming other debuts handily. I have many a song from this young band that already deserves a place in my 1K, but today I’ve chosen to add what is very possibly my favorite TPC track along with its equal value in remix.

64. Dappled Cities – Fire Fire Fire (mp3) from Granddance (3:48) [Time Remaining: 744:26]

I hadn’t planned on including this particular song on this week as I mentioned previously. It would assuredly make it onto the list at some point, but I had visions of an all TPC post to glorify them as one of my favorite bands. Then I came across this. If you check out the zip archives section of this particular page you will see the ability to download the entire album from whence this song came, not to mention and additional zip comprised of three additional songs. Not bonus disc, bonus zip. Though all of this could be considered a bonus I think.

I already own the album, almost solely because of first hearing Fire (x3). It is very catchy and impeccably done, and I think you should not be disappointed if you haven’t ever heard of the band. They are from Australia but it isn’t their fault. So give them a chance. I’ve given you the chance to do just that.


1000 Minutes: Andy #27

For today’s installment, my 1000 Minutes Project again skews recent with tracks from two albums from 2008.  If you read my old blog, you’d know they were both in my Top 8 from last year, but since I deleted the actual post, I don’t remember where each fell specifically.  Then again, I suppose that doesn’t really matter.

55. Ra Ra Riot – Each Year (mp3) from The Rhumb Line (3:17) [Time Remaining: 723:18]

There are two songs off of The Rhumb Line that I consider my favorites, and so to avoid making today’s post exclusively about Ra Ra Riot, I chose this one first, and will address the second at a yet-to-be-determined future time.

“Each Year” is the retelling of the retelling of a story – To Kill a Mockingbird, to be exact – and it’s always interesting to hear what other people glean from books.  While the larger thematic elements are generally agreed upon for any novel, what individual readers actually take away from their reading is always different, and Wes Miles’ take is as memorable as the story from which it draws its inspiration.

56. Tokyo Police Club – Tessellate (mp3) from Elephant Shell (2:39) [Time Remaining: 720:39]

While the real meaning of Tokyo Police Club songs may be eternally hidden to the outside world (or maybe they have no discernable meaning at all), the varied interpretations of “Tessellate” run the gamut from politics to drugs.  Personally, the thought of a broken heart finding it’s exact missing piece is what I find most compelling.  Then again, I could just miss Shel Silverstein’s influence on my childhood.

mp3 Smörgåsbord #27

This week’s Smörgåsbord is the first of its kind here on the blog – Gluten Free!  Maybe next we’ll try our hand at a kosher meal, but there are lots of rules we’d have to follow, and we don’t have them down just yet.  Until then, eat up – but not too much, or you’re liable to get fat.

Tokyo Police Club – Nursery, Academy (Remix By Flowers Forever) (mp3) from Elephant Shell Remixes

David Bazan – Bless This Mess (mp3) from the forthcoming Curse Your Branches (due September 1!!)

Charles Manson – Look At Your Game Girl (mp3) *

* This is that Charles Manson.  From a merely artistic standpoint, this song is intriguing, and while the reason for the artist’s fame is undoubtedly reprehensible, this song represents an interesting “What if…” – at least to us.


I know it’s perhaps early to have a second post about the same band, but anybody who knows me well at this point is aware that Tokyo Police Club has vaulted themselves towards the top of my favorite bands list. Anytime a band I like receives positive exposure it makes me happy for the recognition, yet timorous that the band will become over-exposed and/or sell out. I’m fairly certain I don’t need to worry about those theoretical problems with this band, I just hope I’m right and nothing affects future musical efforts. That being said a new film, made in three segments by three directors, uses one of my favorite songs from the band in its trailer. The three directors are Leos Carax, Bong Joon-Ho and Michel Gondry. While the band’s association with the project likely has to do with the title of the upcoming film, it matches well with the action of the trailer. The film looks interesting and of course I got goosebumps because of the accompanying song. This film also seems to be flying low on the radar thus far, so perhaps thoughts of over-exposure are premature.

Tokyo Police Club – Be Good (mp3) off A Lesson In Crime

Tokyo Police Club – Graves (Nightsweats Remix) (mp3) original off Elephant Shell

Tokyo Police Club

tokyopoliceclubsplendour2008Sometimes I think that lyrical literacy might be too much to ask of musicians. I imagine that it’s hard enough to play an instrument well (which many bands cannot), so writing wry, witty verse-chorus-verse could be one wish too many. And while I don’t mind songs about wanting to get laid, getting laid or just after getting laid, I can’t relate for 11 songs in a row. (Unless you’re Kings of Leon, who write almost exclusively about their penises.)

Tokyo Police Club write songs that make me look up the lyrics, wondering if he said what I think he said. Often he didn’t say what I think he said, but something different altogether. (They may also write songs that make the whole world sing or make the young girls cry, but I don’t know that for sure. Those claims might need to be tested.) Listeners won’t find words like “australopithecine” or “tessellate” in most pop songs, but that’s what makes TPC stand out from the pack of garage revival bands dominating the scene.

The band is part of the recent gold rush of good indie music originating in Canada, perhaps due to the fact that kids from an area dominated by cold for several months of the year are limited to staying inside for band practice or playing hockey. Too bad it isn’t working out that way in Western New York (both avenues). Or maybe it is, and the kids from these parts just haven’t hit it big yet.

The band powers through their songs at break-neck pace, getting through an entire album in about 30 minutes. But while it’s a quick listen, it shouldn’t be perceived as an easy one. The songs reveal themselves slowly, and patient fans will enjoy them more with consecutive listens. Their full-length debut, Elephant Shell, made its way to Number 3 on Andy’s Top of 2008 list, and all the way to Dave’s Number 1.

TPC is out on tour starting at the end of this month, and while neither of us has seen them live, it would stand to reason that a band that takes as much pride in their songwriting would take equally as much in the playing of them. Here are a couple of tracks, a video, a couple remixes, and the tour dates after that. Check their store out for a bunch of schwag – from buttons to shirts – as well.

Tokyo Police Club – Juno (mp3) off Elephant Shell

Tokyo Police Club – In a Cave (mp3) off Elephant Shell

Tokyo Police Club – Graves (video) off Elephant Shell

Tokyo Police Club – Juno (Ra Ra Riot/Andrew Maury remix) (mp3)

Tokyo Police Club – Tessellate (remix by Tom Campesinos!) (mp3)

Tokyo Police Club On Tour:

February 24 – Providence, RI *

February 25 – New York, NY *

February 26 – Washington, DC %

February 28 – Pittsburgh, PA %

March 1 – Cleveland, OH %

March 2 – Columbus, OH %

March 3 – Cincinnati, OH %

March 5 – Atlanta, GA %

March 6 – Tallahassee, FL %

March 7 – Orlando, FL %

March 10 – New Orleans, LA #

March 11 – Houston, TX #

March 12 – McAllen, TX #

March 13 – San Antonio, TX #

Mach 14 – Dallas, TX #

March 16 – Omaha, NE #

March 18 – Chicago, IL *

March 19 – Pontiac, MI *

(* – with Born Ruffians, % – with Harlem Shakes, # – with Ra Ra Riot)