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1000 Minutes: Dave #XXX

I’m impressed that Andy and I have not duplicated any songs between us thus far. I find that impressive because we wouldn’t have started writing this thing together unless we had at least similar tastes. There are certainly some songs on his list that will eventually make it onto mine. I’m specifically referring to one he chose to write about this week. I don’t know if there are any on my list he thinks he will add because I haven’t asked him. But nonetheless I am still slightly impressed we have gone so far with no redundancies. Onto my next installment of the 1K.

60. The Coral – Dreaming of You (mp3) from The Coral (2:21) [Time Remaining: 756:20]

This song was written and performed by a very young group of gentleman in the early Aughts. It has a decidedly retro feel and simple, yet powerful lyrics. I had this song as a ring-tone for a long time a few phones back. I don’t have any deep emotional attachments to it but I have always very much enjoyed the brief two minutes whenever I hear it played.

61. Mellowdrone – Fashionably Uninvited (mp3) from A Demonstration of Intellectual Property (3:53) [Time Remaining: 752:27]

This song has been a mixed cd staple of mine for a very long time. I don’t recall where and how I first heard it and I don’t know who else, if anyone has had the pleasure of enjoying it. All I know is I was immediately caught by the power of this song – more so for the music than anything else – but the pain is discernible within his voice when he is wailing that he’d die if someone or something is leaving him. The lyrics don’t convey any direct emotion about a particular person, it seems more about what is going on around him. What is apparent to me at times is that this guy doesn’t actually have the greatest singing voice, but that has never really diminished my enjoyment of this song in any way.