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Remix Wednesday: Adele – Hometown Glory

While providing a glut of b-sides, remixes and forgotten tracks has been an interesting endeavor for the past 8 months, we’ve decided to go in a bit of a different direction with the blog on Wednesdays.  Quite often the top spots on Hype Machine are filled with remixes and mash-ups, and so we’re going to take the time to talk about the ones that are actually worthy to stand alongside the original.  We don’t have a quirky or clever name to this point, so if you can come up with something, let us know in the comments.  Or, we’ll just call something obvious and dull.  With that said, let’s get after the inaugural track – the High Contrast Remix of Adele’s “Hometown Glory:”

After the nervous, twitching first ten seconds or so, when the song being reworked is still unrecognizable, High Contrast seems to finally figure out exactly where it is he’s planned on going with the track, and then it all starts to drop in over the rest of the first 90 seconds – synthed strings, drums, Adele’s vocals – until it crashes together and becomes a proper club banger, as they say.  (We don’t say that, except in jest, and you shouldn’t either.)

It continues on in that manner for another couple minutes, just looping vocals and beats.  And if that were it, we wouldn’t have thought much of it.  But then it all drops out, and it becomes breathtaking, really.  The music slows and becomes funereal, haunting – a few sad chords played on a piano over a distant sounding chorale – before it all starts back in again, this time with the piano sticking around for the remainder of the song.

The original is a powerful song in and of itself, and was never a song that we would have thought about being re-imagined as something to dance to.  But, it’s that lack of foresight/innovation that holds us back from being producers of any kind.  We can tell you that a song is good, even tell you why it’s good, but we could never recreate the magic ourselves.  Thanks to the obvious talent of High Contrast, we don’t need to.

Adele – Hometown Glory (mp3) from 19

Adele – Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix) (mp3) from Confidential (9 bucks for 30 songs?!)