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1000 Minutes: Dave #31

I was set on doing an all Tokyo Police Club 1K today, but then I came across something that was most worthy of mentioning. So I’ll explain that in a minute. Onward.

62. Tokyo Police Club – Nature Of The Experiment (mp3) from A Lesson In Crime EP (2:01) [Time Remaining: 750:26]

63. Tokyo Police Club – Nature of the Experiment (RAC Mix) (mp3) from RAC Volume 1 (2:12) [Time Remaining: 748:14]

Dave Monks has a way with words. One of the preeminent lyricists in my opinion in fact. He has a way of talking about something and getting his point across fluidly without clubbing you over the head with its meaning. I love that. This song is off one of the band’s early EP’s, demonstrating their prowess in garage rock/post-punk and shaming other debuts handily. I have many a song from this young band that already deserves a place in my 1K, but today I’ve chosen to add what is very possibly my favorite TPC track along with its equal value in remix.

64. Dappled Cities – Fire Fire Fire (mp3) from Granddance (3:48) [Time Remaining: 744:26]

I hadn’t planned on including this particular song on this week as I mentioned previously. It would assuredly make it onto the list at some point, but I had visions of an all TPC post to glorify them as one of my favorite bands. Then I came across this. If you check out the zip archives section of this particular page you will see the ability to download the entire album from whence this song came, not to mention and additional zip comprised of three additional songs. Not bonus disc, bonus zip. Though all of this could be considered a bonus I think.

I already own the album, almost solely because of first hearing Fire (x3). It is very catchy and impeccably done, and I think you should not be disappointed if you haven’t ever heard of the band. They are from Australia but it isn’t their fault. So give them a chance. I’ve given you the chance to do just that.


1000 Minutes: Dave #XXX

I’m impressed that Andy and I have not duplicated any songs between us thus far. I find that impressive because we wouldn’t have started writing this thing together unless we had at least similar tastes. There are certainly some songs on his list that will eventually make it onto mine. I’m specifically referring to one he chose to write about this week. I don’t know if there are any on my list he thinks he will add because I haven’t asked him. But nonetheless I am still slightly impressed we have gone so far with no redundancies. Onto my next installment of the 1K.

60. The Coral – Dreaming of You (mp3) from The Coral (2:21) [Time Remaining: 756:20]

This song was written and performed by a very young group of gentleman in the early Aughts. It has a decidedly retro feel and simple, yet powerful lyrics. I had this song as a ring-tone for a long time a few phones back. I don’t have any deep emotional attachments to it but I have always very much enjoyed the brief two minutes whenever I hear it played.

61. Mellowdrone – Fashionably Uninvited (mp3) from A Demonstration of Intellectual Property (3:53) [Time Remaining: 752:27]

This song has been a mixed cd staple of mine for a very long time. I don’t recall where and how I first heard it and I don’t know who else, if anyone has had the pleasure of enjoying it. All I know is I was immediately caught by the power of this song – more so for the music than anything else – but the pain is discernible within his voice when he is wailing that he’d die if someone or something is leaving him. The lyrics don’t convey any direct emotion about a particular person, it seems more about what is going on around him. What is apparent to me at times is that this guy doesn’t actually have the greatest singing voice, but that has never really diminished my enjoyment of this song in any way.

Backup Plan

No inspiration struck this morning when trying to put out some more of my 1000 minutes so I’ve prepared a backup. My wife and I bought a new car a few weeks ago now, and I’ve been driving it and enjoying our free subscription to XM/Sirius satellite radio. I’ve heard a few songs I’ve enjoyed that I had not heard before, as well as other undiscovered songs from bands I know. Well that and a lot of Sonic Youth. Here are two songs you may enjoy.

And I’ll try to get two done next week so Andy doesn’t get too far ahead.

Ganglians – Valient Brave (mp3) from Monster Head Room

Major Lazer – Keep It Goin’ Louder (mp3) from Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do

Taken By Trees

Taken By Trees is the solo project of one Victoria Bergsman, previously of The Concretes. Ms. Bergsman crafts pretty little pop songs, the following two of which are particularly good. The first is a witty reinvention of one of the year’s biggest songs. On the second she receives some vocal assistance from the very man who sings the original tune she has reinvented in the first. Just try to get the chorus of Anna out of your head.

Taken By Trees – My Boys (mp3) from East of Eden

Taken By Trees – Anna (mp3) from East of Eden


I’ve got a late Sunday post for ya’s because we haven’t had anything for the weekend. Try these songs on for size. (I’m surprised nobody ever comments about the seemingly disjointed pictures I add to certain posts. Apparently no one cares as long as they are getting music.)

Riverboat Gamblers – A Choppy, Yet Sincere Apology (mp3) from Underneath The Owl

Living Things – Oxygen (mp3) from Habeas Corpus

1000 Minutes: Dave #29

Not that I’m getting to the point where I need to choose other songs off of favorite albums, not by any means whatsoever, but that’s what I’ve done today. If you’re new to the site, here is what this is all about.

58. Idlewild – Idea Track (mp3) from 100 Broken Windows (3:13) [Time Remaining: 763:41]

Idlewild is a favorite band of mine almost solely based on the strength of this album. I have enjoyed their subsequent records, but very few albums – by Idlewild or otherwise – will ever be able to measure up to 100 Broken Windows. This song has lyrics that are slightly nonsensical, yet poetic. Once again, as usually is the case for me, it is the conjunction of the music and the vocals that make the song a highlight. The harmonies and guitar work mesh so lovely together. Everything comes together perfectly to form a beautiful three minutes. Even the barely audible poem recitation in the background adds to what is an amazing song.

59. Interpol – PDA (mp3) from Turn On The Bright Lights (5:00) [Time Remaining: 758:41]

This song is all about Daniel Kessler’s guitar. Much like all other Interpol tracks, the lyrics are deliberately (or perhaps not) obtuse. Written about the end of a relationship where the narrator believes a portion of the blame should be placed on his former partner; I don’t relate much to what is actually being said. The bridge is fantastic, and it’s really the music – not the lyrics – along with the harmonies towards the end that sweep me into an imaginary world where the actual lyrics are nothing close to what I imagine the band is trying to convey. I guess I’m just not much of a lyrics analyzer and focus more on what songs mean to me instead.


So my wife is having a baby, and as such she is having a baby shower thrown for her next week. The idea behind the shower is for everyone that is coming to bring their favorite children’s book, in an effort to build our child’s book library so that it can be filled to the brim with wit and life lessons. My sister concocted this idea no doubt because she knows I am an avid reader, as is my wife for that matter, and she was aware we will force literature upon our children to make them geniuses. The reason I mention this is because it very closely coincides with the film/trailer release of one of the classic children’s books of all time. I also think this trailer of said film may be one of the greatest I’ve ever seen, in large part because of the song, of which I’ve attached the original below.

Arcade Fire – Wake Up (mp3) from Funeral