1000 Minutes: Dave #29

Not that I’m getting to the point where I need to choose other songs off of favorite albums, not by any means whatsoever, but that’s what I’ve done today. If you’re new to the site, here is what this is all about.

58. Idlewild – Idea Track (mp3) from 100 Broken Windows (3:13) [Time Remaining: 763:41]

Idlewild is a favorite band of mine almost solely based on the strength of this album. I have enjoyed their subsequent records, but very few albums – by Idlewild or otherwise – will ever be able to measure up to 100 Broken Windows. This song has lyrics that are slightly nonsensical, yet poetic. Once again, as usually is the case for me, it is the conjunction of the music and the vocals that make the song a highlight. The harmonies and guitar work mesh so lovely together. Everything comes together perfectly to form a beautiful three minutes. Even the barely audible poem recitation in the background adds to what is an amazing song.

59. Interpol – PDA (mp3) from Turn On The Bright Lights (5:00) [Time Remaining: 758:41]

This song is all about Daniel Kessler’s guitar. Much like all other Interpol tracks, the lyrics are deliberately (or perhaps not) obtuse. Written about the end of a relationship where the narrator believes a portion of the blame should be placed on his former partner; I don’t relate much to what is actually being said. The bridge is fantastic, and it’s really the music – not the lyrics – along with the harmonies towards the end that sweep me into an imaginary world where the actual lyrics are nothing close to what I imagine the band is trying to convey. I guess I’m just not much of a lyrics analyzer and focus more on what songs mean to me instead.


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