So my wife is having a baby, and as such she is having a baby shower thrown for her next week. The idea behind the shower is for everyone that is coming to bring their favorite children’s book, in an effort to build our child’s book library so that it can be filled to the brim with wit and life lessons. My sister concocted this idea no doubt because she knows I am an avid reader, as is my wife for that matter, and she was aware we will force literature upon our children to make them geniuses. The reason I mention this is because it very closely coincides with the film/trailer release of one of the classic children’s books of all time. I also think this trailer of said film may be one of the greatest I’ve ever seen, in large part because of the song, of which I’ve attached the original below.

Arcade Fire – Wake Up (mp3) from Funeral


2 responses to “WTWTA

  1. I agree, gives me chills everytime I watch it or hear the song.

  2. Amazing song, thanks!

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