Long Weekend: Sunday

As we all wind our way through the long Labor Day weekend, here are a couple tracks that have been on my mind this past week:

Mayer Hawthorne – Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin’ (mp3) from the forthcoming A Strange Arrangement

With Mayer Hawthorne, you already know what you’re going to get – updated blue-eyed soul, and this track is the old school feeling standout on an excellently retro album.

Grizzly Bear – While You Wait for the Others (feat. Michael McDonald) (mp3) from While You Wait For the Others [Single]

After hearing this, I longed for the guys who made Yacht Rock to come back just to make fun of the process by which it came about.  I can’t say that I think the results here are good or bad.  This update takes a great song, keeps the skeleton of it, and then replaces the internals with other equally viable, just slightly older organs.  I guess that makes it worse, but it’s an interesting listen regardless.


One response to “Long Weekend: Sunday

  1. Your musings on the Michael McDonald version of “While You Wait” are trite –I mean, you actually have to get in the Yacht Rock reference just because Michael McDonald sings on it. I’ve heard the original now, and I can’t see what you’re belittling the McDonald version for, with your “replaces the internals with other equally viable, just slightly older organs. I guess that makes it worse.” This is typical indie-college-listener-blogger-English-lit-major putrulence. Get a pair of ears. While the MM version caused a double take at first, having a real singer on the song brings it up a notch from the whiny post-pubescent voice of GB’s regular singer, which makes it all sound like a bunch of 60’s retro-mod bilk. Seriously, you’re an idiot.

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