Circulatory System – Signal Morning

This morning we have our first ever guest post from our pal Steve.  We’ll try to do this intermittently; it’s good to have different voices speaking out about what they find to be good.  Without further ado, here’s Steve’s review of the new Circulatory System album:

It has been a long and winding eight-year journey for Circulatory System to finally enter its terrible two’s. Their debut, 2001’s cleverly self titled album, snuck into the world and found a small yet enthusiastic following.  That their intelligent – albeit disjointed – first attempt met such a limited audience was perhaps for the best, as the sequel has not been rushed into existence, but instead given the time it needed to gestate properly.

Will Cullen Hart slips back into the fold with the rest of his Elephant 6 collective (most notably, members of Hart’s former band The Olivia Tremor Control, and cult favorite Neutral Milk Hotel) for Circulatory System’s sophomore effort Signal Morning. As long time fans had anticipated, the band does not disappoint. Even those who hopped on well after the initial release will not be let down, as the band brings forth a smartly crafted album with plenty of depth.

Few of the new songs stand out as show-stealers on their own; instead, the album is an intricate fabric of offbeat energy and craftsmanship that brings plenty of surprises and joys to be found on each subsequent listen. I never once found myself wanting to skip ahead, instead letting the album unfold at its own pace, as a whole (and not just because I was streaming it from the kind souls at NPR).

The album may not strike others as quickly as it did me, but rather may take time for the layers contained therein to peel away to the friendly and satisfying fruit within. The band has been releasing tracks on their Myspace page, along with their tour dates (I’ll be there with bells on for sure). Signal Morning is definitely worth your time; it will call you back for repeat visits, and has enough substance to satiate you for another eight years if needed, although we certainly hope not.

Circulatory System – Woodpecker Greeting Worker Ant (mp3) from the forthcoming Signal Morning

Circulatory System – Overjoyed (mp3) from the forthcoming Signal Morning


One response to “Circulatory System – Signal Morning

  1. Nice one Steve.

    Good use of the semi-colon. Have you been to college?

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