1000 Minutes: Dave #28

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. If anyone has no idea what Labor Day is, it’s a holiday made up by Canadians that the United States adopted, essentially because people wanted an extra day off. Read about it here. Listen to some Tympanogram-suggested music while you enjoy the fruits of their….complaining I guess would be the word. Onto my latest installment of our 1000 Minutes.

56. Arcade Fire – Une Annee Sans Lumiere (mp3) from Funeral (3:41) [Time Remaining: 772:15]

It’s surprising to me that neither Andy nor myself have mentioned Arcade Fire at all at any point during the first several months we’ve been writing about music. When this album was released I had it in my car repeating for months. My enjoyment of this song does is not fostered by the lyrics, the french vocals, nor the meaning of the song. It all boils down to the last minute or so of the song where the slow build up breaks out, and it always gives me shivers.

57. Band of Horses – The Funeral (mp3) from Everything All The Time (5:21) [Time Remaining: 766:54]

Writing about this song almost seems poser-ish at this point. It feels like everyone in the world knows this song, and I almost considered adding Wicked Gil instead. Though I may do that at a later point because I love that song too, the symmetry was too powerful. The Funeral is damn near a perfectly constructed song which is just about impossible to dislike. Every single facet of the song screams awesome. I’m sure there are some haters out there, just like that guy who commented the other day that KoL are shit. But never mind those people and just enjoy the music you like, regardless of its popularity. But then again maybe I’m making a mountain out of a much smaller thing, like a mole hill perhaps.


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