Another post with Thursday in the title

These songs are nothing new, but as I have no idea who reads this blog, and no idea when and how they come across their new music, it can’t hurt to post these in case some have never heard them. The Metric song was a slow burner for me. Didn’t like it for a bit for one reason or another but have come a long way and rather enjoy it now. The MSTRKRFT song hit me right away, but hasn’t kept me coming back. Both are pretty good either way. Enjoy the final days of summer folks.

Metric – Help I’m Alive (mp3) from Fantasies

MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker (ft. John Legend) (mp3) from Fist of God


3 responses to “Another post with Thursday in the title

  1. Solid Metric song but not their best by far. Still, thanks for posting for those who might not know about ’em. What’s your take on “Old World Underground, Where Are You Know”?

    Thanks also for the MSTRKRFT remix. Hearing that song at clubs quite a bit and its nice to hear a fresh take on it. Looking forward to seeing those guys here in Seattle in a couple days.

  2. thanks for the MSTRKRFT remix, made me think of death from above, -sighs- how I miss them!

  3. thanks for posting these, the metric one is getting some radio play in Australia, hadn’t heard Heartbreaker tho, cheers 🙂

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