mp3 Smörgåsbord #30

I find it difficult to believe that we have written 30 of these things already. In putting so many songs up after 30 weeks, we have blown through all of our good songs, and so this will be our last post ever. But I kid. We’ve got some Ben Folds doing Dre, followed by heavyweight remixes of Kings of Leon and Bloc Party.  Today’s Smörgåsbord theme is bacon. You can figure out why on your own. Don’t choke on the fat.

Ben Folds – Bitches Ain’t Shit (mp3) from Supersunnyspeedgraphic, the LP

Kings of Leon – Pistol of Fire (Mark Ronson Remix) (mp3) from Revelry [Single]

Bloc Party – I Still Remember (SebastiAn Remix) (mp3) from I Still Remember [Single]


12 responses to “mp3 Smörgåsbord #30

  1. kings of leon are trash
    their new album especially

    • It’s a good thing you pointed that out, Mark, or else people might not have known.

      But you probably DLed the song regardless, just to be sure, didn’t you?

  2. Fact: The Kings are awesome.

  3. ^ Right you are, mate.

  4. Doubled.

  5. +1

    They’re feckin’ cool.

  6. Alright man, we get that you like them, you don’t need to make up three additional names to comment on your own comment to prove it.

  7. All within two minutes? What ever your reasons are I don’t care, we obviously still like the band too. Write a million more under new names if you wish.

  8. : D Oh dear.

    1. Yes, within two minutes, because one of us told the others about this post, and we started posting.

    2. I thought blog posters want others’ opinions…

    3. Never mind, I have much better things to deal with, believe me.

    4. And from now on I don’t care whether you believe it or not, and this is childish, arguing on the Internet.

    Good luck with this blog. Whatever.

  9. Which is why I said comment away. No argument here.

  10. hey mind if you reupload the bloc party song? i NEEDZ ITZ thanks

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