1000 Minutes: Andy #29

Before I start in on my weekly update of my 1000 Minutes project, I have a couple of brief notes.  In an egregious oversight, I failed to mention in yesterday’s New Releases post that the new David Bazan album – Curse Your Branches – is released today.  In addition, Mayer Hawthorne’s A Strange Arrangement is available exclusively on iTunes a bit earlier than it’s actual release date.

And with those out of the way, let’s get into it:

59. Common – The 6th Sense (mp3) from Like Water for Chocolate (4:10) [Time Remaining: 710:05]

60. Talib Kweli – Get By (mp3) from Quality (3:51) [Time Remaining: 706:14]

I’ve tried, throughout this project, to offer personal anecdotes along with the songs I post in an attempt to give an idea as to the reason the song made my list.  I don’t have one for either of these songs.  The chorus of “The 6th Sense” states quite clearly that the song “…is rap for the black people.”

“The 6th Sense” showcases Common’s perceptive verses over a dense DJ Premier beat; the rapper is always cognizant of the world in which he lives.  “Get By” is a call to personal improvement, and seeks to combat the static nature that we can all easily fall into. While both songs may be meant for an audience quite different than me, I’m easily taken in by them.  The tracks are welcome reminders that I have been blessed, while at the same time, there are many who haven’t been given that which I often take for granted.  In part because of the efforts of the artists, I try to remain mindful that there is something higher to which we should collectively aspire.


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