1000 Minutes: Dave #27

As I feared, I have had less and less time to work on stuff for the blog because of a busy schedule. I’m not lucky in that I can’t edit or write stuff on the blog from work, but each job has its own downfalls that I’m sure everyone can attest to. Perhaps some day I will have this luxury, but for now I will need to write things in advance or get up early. Never mind my complaining, here is the next 1000 Minute post for your reading and listening pleasure.

54. Tripping Daisy – I Got A Girl (mp3) from I Am An Elastic Firecracker (4:03) [Time Remaining: 778:42]

Today’s two songs are very closely related for me. Both are from the mid-nineties amidst my formative music listening years. Both are rather catchy and have a familiar nineties rock aesthetic. I Got A Girl is actually a fairly humorous song. I recall as a youngster wondering why someone would wear shoes in the nude. As much as I didn’t necessarily understand it, I could certainly get on board with thinking someone would possibly do so.

55. Superdrag – Sucked Out (mp3) from Regretfully Yours (2:46) [Time Remaining: 775:56]

I don’t exactly have sentimental feelings about either song, they were just catchy rock tunes that I think for certain shall remain fresh for the duration. I can always play one and bob my head and just got lost in the tune. Not all songs have to impact you emotionally, and while neither of these songs do, my love for them is no less than songs that tug at the heartstrings.


3 responses to “1000 Minutes: Dave #27

  1. when i saw the sucked out video back in the day, i was so smitten with the song i had to run out and buy the cd the next day. glad it struck a chord with other folks, too. grazi!

  2. Two solid tunes from my youth!

  3. “fresh for the duration”…

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