The Art of the Mix

This past weekend I visited a friend in Pennsylvania for a local festival there.  (If anyone wants me to visit them, it’s best to lure me there with the premise that I will be able to drink in the streets without fear of legal reprisal.)  Another friend asked me to bring her a CD of specific songs, most of which I owned, but some I hadn’t heard before.

After getting all the songs, I added some tracks I like and delivered the mix to the recipient, which ended up spanning 2 CDs.  I hope she’s enjoying it.  If not, I suppose she has mostly herself to blame because she’s the one who asked for most of the songs.

Anyway, here are a couple of the songs that were new to me that I am subsequently enjoying.  Maybe they’ll be new to you as well, but I think you all are probably more savvy than I am.

Good Old War – Coney Island (mp3) from Only Way To Be Alone

Tim Williams – Novel (mp3) from When Work Is Done


3 responses to “The Art of the Mix

  1. The Good Old War record is still pretty cheap on Amie Street and is good.

  2. Correction, the Good Old War album is great. And I got it for $5 on amazon not too long ago.

  3. At this very moment it is $4.37 on Amie Street.

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