1000 Minutes: Andy #27

For today’s installment, my 1000 Minutes Project again skews recent with tracks from two albums from 2008.  If you read my old blog, you’d know they were both in my Top 8 from last year, but since I deleted the actual post, I don’t remember where each fell specifically.  Then again, I suppose that doesn’t really matter.

55. Ra Ra Riot – Each Year (mp3) from The Rhumb Line (3:17) [Time Remaining: 723:18]

There are two songs off of The Rhumb Line that I consider my favorites, and so to avoid making today’s post exclusively about Ra Ra Riot, I chose this one first, and will address the second at a yet-to-be-determined future time.

“Each Year” is the retelling of the retelling of a story – To Kill a Mockingbird, to be exact – and it’s always interesting to hear what other people glean from books.  While the larger thematic elements are generally agreed upon for any novel, what individual readers actually take away from their reading is always different, and Wes Miles’ take is as memorable as the story from which it draws its inspiration.

56. Tokyo Police Club – Tessellate (mp3) from Elephant Shell (2:39) [Time Remaining: 720:39]

While the real meaning of Tokyo Police Club songs may be eternally hidden to the outside world (or maybe they have no discernable meaning at all), the varied interpretations of “Tessellate” run the gamut from politics to drugs.  Personally, the thought of a broken heart finding it’s exact missing piece is what I find most compelling.  Then again, I could just miss Shel Silverstein’s influence on my childhood.


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