Thursday Samples

Here are some completely different songs I’ve come across recently that have intrigued me. I don’t quite know what I feel about the Owl City song just yet, but I like the Miike Snow song a fair bit already. The Owl City song gives me a weird vibe I can’t put my finger on. No one ever responds to this question but…any thoughts?

Miike Snow – Animal (mp3) from Miike Snow

Owl City – Fireflies (mp3) from Ocean Eyes


10 responses to “Thursday Samples

  1. fireflies is a bit teenybopper.
    though i don’t mind the lyrics.
    and i do like animal, especially the crookers remix.

  2. the owl city vocals remind me of the postal service. a lot.

  3. I agree that the vocals are similar to Gibbard’s, and teenybopper at the same time.

  4. Concerned in Thailand

    Cool tunes. Owl City song is a bouquet of happy with hooks. I’ve always been a sucker for catchy synth-pop, so I dig it.

    Is he saying “Manimal” or just “Animal”? Either way, I like it. That album looks to be purchase-worthy for sure.

  5. the owl city one sounds like a disney soundtrack, but its really sick regardless…

  6. Cool blog!

    First time I heard Owl City, reminded me of Playradioplay. It is a very happy/poppy track, but real good, and nice lyrics.

  7. Owl City definitely has a ‘Gibbard’ sound to it. As far as “Animal”, I prefer the remixes…check the punks jump remix.

  8. I’m also a sucker for synth-pop, but only if it has some good hooks. I love the Owl City song, but only due to the good melody, nice lyrics, and the several hooks that keep you drawn in. Owl City’s other songs don’t seem to be nearly as high quality as this. One-hit-wonder?

    Just my opinion, though.

  9. i like owl city, some of the tracks we’re produced by matt thiessen of relient k

  10. I wasn’t familiar with Miike Snow until now. Pretty cool. I arrange songs for orchestra, in which Owl City was one of those songs, and I’m always trying to find new music to discover.

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