1000 Minutes: Andy #26

Not much to say this morning, so let’s get right into the latest chapter in my 1000 Minutes Project.

53. Ben Kweller – Falling (mp3) from Sha Sha (4:03) [Time Remaining: 730:50]

I saw Ben Kweller live once, and I didn’t see the attraction.  He is a supremely talented artist, as evidenced by his willingness and mastery of many different styles of music – from punk to piano pop.  And while some may view his virtuosity as a positive thing, for me it was a distraction.  Then again, I was there to see Dashboard Confessional, so my judgment was obviously clouded.

Truthfully, I was excited to see Mr. Kweller perform that night.  His EP Phone Home had just been released, and “Falling” was all over local radio.  It’s a perfect song, really – fitting in musical and lyrical content.  And, who am I kidding?  Any song with a sing-a-long, “Hey Jude”-type part is already pretty awesome.  This one built into it especially well.

54. Say Anything – Alive With the Glory of Love (mp3) from …Is a Real Boy (4:15) [Time Remaining: 726:35]

No joke: I’m a sucker for a lot of pop-punk songs.  I’ve never been much of a fan of the neo-punk – or original punk, for that matter – but certain songs burrow their way into my head and stick around.  Say Anything’s atypical tale of ardor in “Alive With the Glory of Love” did just that.

Reminders of the atrocities of the Holocaust make me unfailingly sad (like most normal human beings) – but this simple tale of undying passion works.  Perhaps it’s the blatant contrast that makes it appealing.  Certainly, the inability of such inhumanity to snuff out love makes for an endearing story – and a gifted band to make it into an equally endearing song.


One response to “1000 Minutes: Andy #26

  1. I absolutely love both of these bands.
    Ben Kweller is someone you have to get. While he’s got such a diverse sense of music style, at the same time he just makes it work.

    love this,

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