1000 Minutes: Andy #25

Thanks to this blog, I am constantly surrounded by music of all kinds – good, bad, indifferent, instantly forgettable, unforgettable, etc. – and this project has been a nice escape from that constant crush of finding something good in the sea of what’s new.  In spite the steady wrangling of what is good/bad, music is a very subjective mistress, and to actually have to think about what is personally defining and personally enjoyable – without feeling boxed in by any intangible restraints of “cool” – is liberating.

With that said, there was another sighting of people making their own lists, so check that out over here, get my full list here, and, without further ado, here are the next two tracks on my personal list:

51. Coldplay – Sparks (mp3) from Parachutes (3:49) [Time Remaining: 738:50]

If you were to ask 10 Coldplay fans what their favorite song from Parachutes is, I’d imagine you’d get at least 5 different answers.  Dave is a fan of “Don’t Panic.”  If it were closer to 2000, I’d undoubtedly tell you that “Shiver” was mine.  I’m certain you could find others who were drawn to all of the other songs more than any other.

To be fair, Parachutes was (and is) a life defining album for a lot of people, despite Chuck Klosterman’s assertion that Coldplay is ” the shittiest fucking band (he’s) ever heard in (his) life.”  I enjoy Klosterman’s writing, but he’s off on that one.  The passing of nearly a decade has worn down my sharper edges, and the most lasting song from Coldplay is the simple, ambling “Sparks.”  It’s conciliatory, sad and heartfelt – a final concession that the relationship it’s written about is actually over.

52. Kanye West – Touch the Sky (mp3) from Late Registration (3:57) [Time Remaining: 734:53]

Yes, we just posted Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up” this past weekend.  If you didn’t know, Just Blaze sampled and slowed down that beat for this song off of Kanye’s second album.  And it’s the song that is absolutely, undeniably, the one that puts me immediately in the best mood possible.  It gets me ready to go out, starts a road trip, and keeps a party going.  It’s warmer weather and bluer skies.


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