Park Avenue Festival

This weekend is one of my personal favorites in Rochester – the Park Avenue Festival.  It’s an arts/crafts festival, yeah, with a lot of cool vendors from all over the place, but the real draw is that the city blocks out the length of the street to only foot traffic, and the denizens of this neighborhood have all kinds of parties.  My girlfriend and I are having people over here for beers, grilling, music, Kan Jam, etc.  It’s one of the relatively few days I can still justify drinking before noon.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to in order to get myself prepped for a full day of drinking/relaxing/eating.  Feel free to use them as accompaniment for whatever you’re getting into this weekend.  The track by The Temper Trap is an excellent introduction to a band I hadn’t heard before.  And based on the track alone, I’ll be looking forward to good things from them.

Have a great weekend.  Get yourself outside, and if you’re around Rochester, feel free to stop by my place.  I’ll be the one drinking Obama approved Bud Lights on my porch.

Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up (Edit) (mp3) from Future Shock (the original, extended mix is on Curtis)

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (mp3) from Sweet Disposition [Single]


One response to “Park Avenue Festival

  1. Awesome post, You gotta love The Temper Trap. If you are into remixes, you should check these songs out

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