1000 Minutes: Dave #23

If you notice, Andy and I seem to have used a fair amount of songs from the same artists, oftentimes from the same album. We just seem to have different favorites off those albums. Today I will try to avoid that pattern, not that it’s a bad thing, with some different stuff. Here is the latest of my 1000 Minutes.

45. The Postal Service – Such Great Heights (mp3) from Give Up (4:26) [Time Remaining: 808:26]

I recall getting in an argument a few years back about whether or not this song was penned by Mr. Ben Gibbard or by Iron & Wine, who do an excellent cover. To be fair, the cover got quite a bit of play, being in a commercial and on a huge film soundtrack. I was adamant that this version was the original and Iron & Wine covered the song. Furious, I went home and checked the liner notes to see who wrote the song.

I bought the album a long time ago and listened to it over and over with my girlfriend at the time. She is now my wife, and we have both loved this song for a long time. As such I have many personal reasons for liking this song.

46. Pixies – Where Is My Mind? (mp3) from Surfer Rosa (3:53) [Time Remaining: 804:33]

I don’t have any great emotional attachments to this song, I just like it a lot. Though I do rather enjoy its use at the apex of the film Fight Club. It certainly adds something to the scene.


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