New Television

As a warning, this morning’s post is going to be filled with disparate music, but that’s because the focus isn’t really on the songs.  With the return of Entourage and Weeds, there are always a couple of new shows to accompany both – and this year it’s HBO’s Hung and Showtime’s Nurse Jackie.

My girlfriend and I have watched what we can of both shows.  And while there are far more episodes of Nurse Jackie available at this point to base an opinion on, so far it’s the clear winner.  The characters are far more endearing.  That’s not to say that Hung isn’t good; it’s more that it hasn’t developed past the initial twist on the hooker and pimp relationship.

Hung, to its credit, has used far better music – but that’s because Nurse Jackie doesn’t seem to use much at all.  For it’s opening credits, Hung uses a Tympanogram favorite with The Black Keys’ “I’ll Be Your Man.”  Nurse Jackie has only used one song prominently – the heartbreaking “When It Don’t Come Easy” by Patty Griffin.  Here are both those songs, as well as a completely hilarious track from Mickey Avalon that was used at the end of a Hung episode.  Fitting, to be sure.

The Black Keys – I’ll Be Your Man (mp3) from The Big Come Up

Patty Griffin – When It Don’t Come Easy (mp3) from Impossible Dream

Mickey Avalon – My Dick (mp3) from Mickey Avalon


4 responses to “New Television

  1. Hilarious AND catchy.

  2. If you like “My Dick”, check out DJ Magnet’s “Brick Dick” mashup. I like it about ten times as well as the source track.

  3. If you like the Mickey Avalon song, check out the remix:

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