1000 Minutes: Dave #22

I got my computer back yesterday morning fairly early, so I’m back up and running. For those of you considering a Macintosh computer I strongly recommend getting an AppleCare plan. If I hadn’t done so, the arbitrary breaking of my hard drive would have cost me an arm and a leg. As it is I didn’t pay anything, got a slight upgrade in hard drives and a new cover plate for my laptop. So it is with my new and improved laptop I present you my latest 1000 Minutes installment.

43. Kings Of Leon – California Waiting (mp3) from Holy Roller Novocaine (3:28) [Time Remaining: 816:29]

I thought long about which KoL song I would be including in my 1K. I went back and forth between two of them, but this won over. I prefer this version to that on Youth and Young Manhood, because I heard it first, but also because it is better.

44. Death Cab For Cutie – 405 (mp3) from We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes (3:37) [Time Remaining: 812:52]

This was my biggest struggle yet. I fought myself with which of two favorites from Death Cab to include. I am also surprised it took me this long to include either one of the two considered tracks. I fought so hard with myself I will likely include the other track in my next edition. I had to go with this song in the end because every single time I hear it, I get goosebumps. That’s what pushed it over for me. And I’ll tell you, the other is no slouch.


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