So, I drafted this post up a few days ago, thankfully. That’s the only reason you are getting it today, and for the rest of the time until Andy gets back I’m not quite sure how many posts I’ll get up. This is because my hard drive died yesterday. I was listening to Still Light, Still Night
and working on the interwebs when I heard a clunking sound of sorts and my computer froze. I turned it off and when attempting to power it back on, only a folder with a flashing question mark showed up. I took the laptop to the Apple store to see what was up. Thankfully I am still covered by my protection plan so I should be getting my laptop back with a new hard drive shortly. I will try to get some things up daily but alas I do not have any music to upload, so I may be recycling some tunes. Anyways, here you are.

This being wedding season and all, I’ve been to two of them this month.  I believe the purpose of Andy’s trip to Maine is also in part because of a wedding as well. (By the way, it’s not like I was completely missing last week.  I early drafted the Florence + Machine post and put up the Grizzly Bear one.) I wrote a post about wedding songs in the early days of this blog, you can read it and admire the awesome song my wife and I danced to if so inclined.  For wedding song I enjoy unique and different songs, not the usual flowery, sappy adult contemporary nonsense.   The recent weddings I’ve attended have had some unique choices for the individual couple’s ‘songs.’  Naturally, no one will ever top the song we used, but nevertheless these songs weren’t the shitty rehashed type many, including those besides myself, have become accustomed to hearing at weddings. Any thoughts?

Arctic Monkeys – Baby I’m Yours (mp3) from Leave Before The Lights Come On

Red Hot Chili Peppers – I Could Die For You (mp3) from By The Way


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