1000 Minutes: Andy #23

Here’s my last post for about a week or so.  I’ll be back next Tuesday with another installment of my 1000 Minutes project.  Until then, you’re in Dave’s capable hands.  I hope everyone has an excellent, excellent week.

47. Bloc Party – So Here We Are (mp3) from Silent Alarm (3:55) [Time Remaining: 752:03]

Of the two of us, Dave is the Bloc Party aficionado.  That’s not to say that I don’t like the band, but in my opinion, they have gone steadily downhill since their debut album.  I’ve liked songs from A Weekend in the City and Intimacy, but on the whole, those releases were far less coherent and much less affecting than their stellar debut.

“So Here We Are” is the pinnacle of Silent Alarm for me.  It’s a grand gesture of a song, all defeated and heart wrenching, but ultimately soaring and renewing.  It’s a song that encapsulates the relief of “getting over it.”  It’s a steady reminder of the better side that is inevitably ahead.

48. Nada Surf – Weightless (mp3) from Lucky (3:32) [Time Remaining: 748:31]

I still get it every once in a while.  I’ll get it tomorrow morning right before we’re about to embark on our drive up into New England – that pang of excitement about the unknown.  It’s the uncertainty of what the day has in store, but the belief that this is going to be good.  It’s the feeling of your hand out the car window, your first road trip without your parents, the drunken feeling of first love.  That’s “Weightless.”

Have you seen the video?  I think we’ve all had someone that made life like this for us.  Perfect.


One response to “1000 Minutes: Andy #23

  1. Heather Frazier

    Weightless. The word right now…to me…in my head…is magical. Weightless. I love when they jump off the edge into the water in the video. I tried to imagine what that would feel like. Probably pretty awesome. 😉

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