Vacation Playlist

The girlfriend and I are heading to Maine next week for a much needed vacation, and as a result, I’m busy making a playlist for the drive there and back.

Making a playlist involves making a once through of my entire iTunes library, one page at a time, finding songs I like, and then going back through to fill in songs I missed on the first pass.  This isn’t a particularly efficient method, I suppose – especially because I have surpassed 8,000 songs in my library – but it works.

With so many songs in my library, however, I am always re-intrigued by songs that have fallen out of favor because of overplay or time when I am scouring my collection.  The making of this vacation playlist has been no different.  Here are a couple gems that I’ve rediscovered this week for you to rediscover as well – or possibly discover them for the first time.  I’ve only made it into ‘F’ so far, so I may do this again on Saturday depending on what I find.

Ellie Lawson – Down With You (mp3) from The Philosophy Tree

Dear and The Headlights – Sweet Talk (mp3) from Small Steps, Heavy Hooves

French Kicks – So Far We Are (mp3) from Two Thousand


One response to “Vacation Playlist

  1. GREAT selections, although I don’t know how you ever got tired of Sweet Talk!

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