Tiny Masters of Today

Just a quick post about the youthful post-punk/lo-fi trio Tiny Masters of Today. The band is comprised of 13 and 15 year old siblings Ada and Ivan along with assorted elders on the skins. The band has achieved minor popularity and have had a video featured on Subterranean, despite having received a poor review from Pitchfork. The review essentially stated some might find this good or impressive because it is coming from a couple of youngsters and not on artistic merit. I happen to like this song and a few others from the record, though I can see many people not enjoying it at all. Any thoughts?

Tiny Masters of Today – Pop Chart (mp3) from Skeletons


3 responses to “Tiny Masters of Today

  1. Pitchfork should be ashamed of themselves. Given their proclivity for hyping highly untested and equally inept 20 somethings like Wavves and the Vivian Girls etc. it is hard to imagine they could muster up the bile dished out in this review. It seems almost personal. The reviewer comes across as a real spoilsport. How can you hate on a band of kids making crazy stupid punk rock noise? What sort of alternative music authority would take that side of the argument?! Hopefully this sort of review wont drive them into the arms of the Disney/Nickelodeon set!

    I think this band sort of transcends good and bad and resides in the realm of “cool.” They seem really unironic and that is refreshing. Any of their shortcomings are easily explained and forgiveable, not so sure you can say that about most of the Pitchfork lo-fi darlings.

  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. And you put it better than I did.

  3. I agree as well.

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