1000 Minutes: Dave #20

As you can see, we have a new header up at the moment. We are preparing a new site, and as such are working on a number of different things for it. Concerning our 1000 Minutes project, I was rather busy last week and missed my scheduled post. Lately I have contributed a little less due mostly to getting a new job; I hope the job will still allow me to contribute as regularly as I have, without screwing with my posting/music consumption/sleeping/eating schedule too much. But hey, it’s a job. Lastly, before I head into the music I wanted to mention the winner of the latest Amie Street Giveaway. As the only proper answer to our query, congrats to JGrow; we will shoot your prize out shortly.

39. The Stranglers – Golden Brown (mp3) from La Folie (3:25) [Time Remaining: 835:54]

Sadly I have to say my first experience with this song is from the film Snatch. I say sadly because the song was around far before the film used it. In my own defense the song was released before I was even born, and I had never been exposed to the band in any form before I heard this song. Regardless of that it is a great tune that hopefully has gotten its due by now. It’s hard not to be reeled in by this incredibly catchy song.

40. Doves – There Goes the Fear (mp3) from The Last Broadcast (6:54) [Time Remaining: 829:00]

Technically, this is the third band I’ve repeated in my list. One band was repeated in a single post, and the other is not so much two songs by the same band as the second is a cover of one of their songs. I mention this because there are few bands I would want to repeat such as Doves. Certainly if limited to only 1000 minutes of music I want to get a great deal of variety. The first Doves track I used is The Cedar Room in my first ever 1000 Minutes post because it is very close to being my favorite song of all time. Honestly, this song does not fall far behind. It’s about death, and my personal feelings about this song and what is evoked by it, is too personal and tough for me to editorialize here. I can honestly say not many songs are like that for me, or else I probably wouldn’t be writing about music. For my money you should also watch the music video to get another depth to the song.

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