1000 Minutes: Andy #21

Here’s the next installment of my 1000 Minutes project.  If you want to see how my list is proceeding overall, you can check it out in it’s entirely at the top of the page.  Dave should be catching up at some point this week, but until then, you’re stuck with more of my favorites.

43. Ray Lamontagne – Trouble (mp3) from Trouble (4:01) [Time Remaining: 765:42]

Because of its use in the recent Travelers Insurance commercial (you know, the one with the dog burying his bone, digging it up, putting it in a safe deposit box, etc., before finally insuring it with Travelers), this song may have the stigma attached to it that it’s depressing.

The reality of Lamontagne’s first single from his first album, however, is that it’s one of the more uplifting songs in recent memory.  Lamontagne’s bluesy rasp conveys perfectly the dichotomy of a life previously weighed down by strife, only to be lifted out of the mire by finding love.  And as clichéd as that may seem, the wholly vague nature of the lyrics make the message easily transferable to any listener.  It’s the shared experience of the song that makes it ultimately unforgettable.

44. Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s – Skeleton Key (mp3) from The Dust of Retreat (3:28) [Time Remaining: 762:14]

My interpretations, in haiku:

Man wants a female
Gets her to leave her lover
He don’t want her now

She, in turn, leaves him
He understands his mistake
Too late to reverse

Drink Drink Drink Drink Drink
Plenty of fish in the sea
She wasn’t that great.

The contrast between the music and the subject matter makes this song simultaneously perfect to sing-along with or as a cry-alone companion.  Since I first heard it, I’ve been fortunate to only have needed it for the first option.


2 responses to “1000 Minutes: Andy #21

  1. Concerned in Thailand

    Loved the haiku -I think that should be a weekly challenge for you guys. Then again, maybe it’s best to dust off only for special occasions…

    • Traditionally, I think haiku have to do with seasons/weather. So maybe once per quarter so they don’t get stale.

      I mean, how many songs could that specific haiku fit? More than this one, I’m sure.

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