1000 Minutes: Andy #20

With this, the 20th part of my 1000 Minutes project, I find myself taking stock of what I’ve already made a part of my list.  There’s nothing on there that I would take back; I’ve yet to repeat an artist, but I know that will come eventually.  Really, reading back over the list yields an incredibly mixed bag of tunes.  It occurs to me that I should actually make a playlist of the songs for my iPod.  If these are my favorite songs – my desert island tracks – then I should probably have them in an easily listenable, easily accessible group.

41. Peter Salett – Heart of Mine (mp3) from Heart of Mine (2:59) [Time Remaining: 774:32]

I can almost guarantee that you’ve seen Peter Salett in a movie or two and didn’t know it.  He’s a fringe member of the ever-expanding Judd Apatow set, and has popped up in everything from Wet Hot American Summer to Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Appropriately, he always seems to be playing an instrument – and from what little I’ve heard of his music, he’s excellent at it.  This particular tune, released early in 2000, is a simple, aching love song.  It’s got a dusty Americana feel to it – meandering from verse to chorus and back again – that is over far too quickly, but is just as easily repeatable.

42. Matisyahu – King Without a Crown (mp3) from Live at Stubb’s (4:49) [Time Remaining: 769:43]

Since I’m not really a fan of reggae, and having been raised in a conservative Christian home, Matisyahu’s music wouldn’t seem like an immediate match for me.  And really, it’s not.  Live at Stubb’s barely registered – except for this particular track, which still resonates today.  While I’m no longer practicing any religion, I know that the joy with which Matisyahu delivers his personal psalm would have made King David himself dance – and makes this skeptic “feel it in (his) chest.”  Even if it is for the most fleeting of moments, that’s something anyone should be thankful for.


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