1000 Minutes: Dave #19

Today’s music included in my 1000 Minutes project may seem like it has a connecting theme. That theme, to those of discerning eyes and ears, being its use in a certain film. This film, whose title I won’t be mentioning, is a lightning rod of opinions in that most I’ve talked to either love or hate it. Personally, I love the movie and get goose bumps often when watching it, and in particular during parts of the film when certain songs are used. Both songs below serve to enhance the film in multiple ways for me, and honestly the entire soundtrack is excellent as well. In fact I’ve already used another song from it in this list. If you wish to find out what movie it is do some research on your own. If curious as to why I am not mentioning the film, my point in deliberately omitting it is to illustrate that the song’s inclusion in this list have nothing to do with their inclusion in the film. So there.

37. Josh Rouse – Directions (mp3) from Home (3:26) [Time Remaining: 846:16]

I have many Josh Rouse albums and songs littered about on my computer and in my house. No matter what he has made in the past or produces in the future this little ditty will always be my favorite. While I don’t necessarily identify with the theme of the song, as often is the case with me, I take the song at face value and just love the sounds of it. The music arrangement and the vocals just shout out something beautiful to my ears. I’ve probably listened to this song several hundred times and have never, nor will ever, sicken of it.

38. Sigur Rós – Sigur 4 (Untitled) (mp3) from ( ) (6:57) [Time Remaining: 839:19]

What exactly can I say about a song with lyrics in a nonsensical language made up so that listeners can interpret them however they choose? First off, as silly as that idea may sound to people I absolutely love it. I doubt this song means exactly the same thing to another person as it does to me. This is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard and I think the idea of the entire album is genius, though it certainly takes a band of this stature to pull it off. The track was later officially titled Njósnavélin by the band for those that may be curious.

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2 responses to “1000 Minutes: Dave #19

  1. great tracks, good movie

  2. Concerned in Thailand

    Haven’t seen that movie in years, but thought of it immediately while listening to the music before even reading your intro. Crazy how the mind soaks up and files away memorable sounds, always at the ready for the goosebumps to return. Excellent music to be stranded with.

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