Amie Street Giveaway #4: Joseph Scott

We went without a giveaway last week because we’re busy guys, but we didn’t want to let you go without for too long.  This week we’re giving away Joseph Scott’s excellent You Keep Me Hidden EP:

My process, when I write about music, is to listen the first time and simply write down reactions. Short, simple one or two word phrases to describe how the music sounds to me, or the feeling it gives me. It’s from those initial reactions that I base a great portion of what becomes my review. Granted, my reviewing method seems to have a verbose, often too personal quality to it. By that I mean that no one cares about what I bring to the music – my memories. They just want to know about how it sounds.

Which brings me to Joseph Scott and his atmospheric, space rock. Mr. Scott forwarded us his You Keep Me Hidden EP (which he spells without capitalization), and since downloading it, I’ve listened to it almost daily.

The four songs are expansive numbers, ebbing and flowing into something ethereal. From the nearly wordless title track, which opens the EP, to the seamless transition between “What We Do Right Is Wrong” and “Celeste,” to the closing 80’s synth-pop of “In Youth,” there isn’t a misstep. These are twenty minutes to be repeated – and doing so is rewarding. There’s always something else to be unearthed in this introspective EP.

The EP is available through Amie Street, and is, at the moment, still free to download. We HIGHLY recommend downloading a copy, as it’s certain to not stay that way for much longer. You can also download “In Youth” below if you need more convincing.

In addition, Mr. Scott was kind enough to send us a remix of “You Keep Me Hidden,” which is a Tympanogram exclusive. We’re streaming it below, and we’ll also send it out to whoever is interested, so long as you tell us your Amie Street username in the comments. Be sure to check out his MySpace page for additional tracks, downloads, and concert dates. Right now, London is a bit too much of a trip for us here in the States, so if you’re over that way, please take the time to support a truly talented artist.

Joseph Scott – In Youth (mp3) from You Keep Me Hidden EP

Joseph Scott – You Keep Me Hidden (Ocean Mix) (Stream) [Tympanogram Exclusive]


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