mp3 Smörgåsbord #20

It’s going to be 85 ’round these parts today, so in addition to serving up some tasty music, we’re going to provide you with a delicious mojito recipe.  I’m making myself one this evening while I grill up some steak.  Hopefully it’s nice in your corner of the world, and that you’re old enough to drink Hemingway’s favorite Cuban cocktail.

Vampire Weekend – Walcott [Insane Mix] (mp3) from Oxford Comma single

Dear and The Headlights – It’s Getting Easy (Joy Electric Remix) (mp3)

Passion Pit – Folds In Your Hands (mp3) from Manners

Grizzly Bear – Fine For Now (mp3) from Veckatimest

Cuban Mojitos

1.5 oz rum (preferably of the clear variety, non-spiced)
12 spearmint leaves
1/2 lime
7 oz club soda
4 tsp. sugar

1. muddle lime and mint together. use a muddler if available; in a pinch, the back of a spoon should do. you should just start to smell the mint.
2. cover with the sugar
3. fill glass with ice
4. add rum and soda
5. garnish with lime and mint sprigs


One response to “mp3 Smörgåsbord #20

  1. that Vampire Weekend Remix is great! Mojitos are good too. Thanks.

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