Overlooked from 2008

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I wanted to look at my best of from 2008 and mention some overlooked music. I had originally intended to include everything in one massive post but we split it up into two days worth. Looking back at my best-of list for 2008 I know the order in which I ranked songs would change a bit compared to how I feel now. Some tracks would certainly be added while others possibly removed and I already mentioned Copeland a while ago. When it boils down to it there are some I had not listed on the original ’08 list because I hadn’t listened to them when I wrote it up, so I figured I would talk about a few other songs I’ve liked this year that were released in the last.

I’ve played the attached Department of Eagles song a shit-ton. As have I with the Deerhunter track, which is surprising, because I actually got a few songs off Microcastle in ’08, but not this particular one. One glorious day earlier this year I purchased both In Ear Park and Microcastle from Amie Street and have been loving them each since.

Another the both of us overlooked is Such Fun from Annuals. I recently read another blog lambaste the band. The gist of the post was that a new song from them leads the writer to believe the band is salvageable, when that fact was altogether questionable following the atrocity that Such Fun was to him/her. Sure the album is slightly scattered stylistically, but it’s not as bad as they would lead you to believe, is not adult contemporary, and in fact is pretty good (even according to Pitchfork). Hence it being on our overlooked list. But to each his own I suppose. I may talk bad about one band when others like them, though I hope I don’t come off as a haughty douche in the process.

Deerhunter – Never Stops (mp3) from Microcastle

Department Of Eagles – No One Does It Like You (mp3) from In Ear Park

Annuals – Hardwood Floor (mp3) from Such Fun

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