1000 Minutes: Dave #18

Today my wife has her second ultrasound for our first kid. Exciting stuff. Neither of these songs really have much to do with impending fatherhood, it’s just that that’s the only thing on my mind today. Read this to understand what this is about.

35. Eighty Eight Fingers Louie – Summer Photos (mp3) from Back on the Streets (3:12) [Time Remaining: 852:46]

I don’t recall exactly how I came to like this song so much, but as is usual it was because I heard it played on the radio by WBER. I also don’t know how many others have heard this song outside of the population of BER listeners. It’s pop/punk in the vein of ska minus the horns. Not my favorite genre and not my favorite band. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever heard another song from them or even if they are a band anymore. The song just hit me a certain way however long ago and it hasn’t let up. Owning an appropriate title, it is a great summer song I’ll never get sick of or forget.

36. Ryan Adams – To Be Young (mp3) from Heartbreaker (3:04) [Time Remaining: 849:42]

I’ve never been a Ryan Adams fanatic, though I do own a sizable portion of his catalogue. And so you know my favorite song from him has nothing to do with its use in the movie Old School. It’s a song about looking back and questioning your past, wondering why you may have done the things you did. It’s also about that young person from your past wondering what became of you at this juncture in your life. I can strongly relate to this song at this juncture in my life and wonder quite how I got to where I am. While this may sound like a heavy theme, this song always feels optimistic to me. Like he might not have seen it coming, but it’s here and not so bad.

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