1000 Minutes: Andy #18

This week’s chapter of my 1000 Minutes project features considerably shorter songs than I’ve been putting on my list for the past couple of weeks.  That means nothing really, except to say that I didn’t have the attention span for “Duk Koo Kim” this week.

37. The Smiths – Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (mp3) from Louder Than Bombs (1:51) [Time Remaining: 788:47]

Despite it’s use in such horrific film making as Never Been Kissed, this song is absolutely classic.  I never went through a particularly depressed phase of my life, but every time I have a moment when I’m feeling as though things aren’t coming up Andy, this track helps me wallow.  But at under two minutes, it doesn’t let the feeling last long enough to become boring.

38. Jack’s Mannequin – The Mixed Tape (mp3) from Everything in Transit (3:15) [Time Remaining: 785:32]

I always thought that what I made for chicks was a “mix tape” – without the “-ed” on the end.  Andrew McMahon disagrees with me, or maybe he was told differently.  Either way, he fucking gets exactly what I always tried to convey with the tapes I made.

Thinking back on them now, I’m shocked that I could be so arrogant as to think that the recipient would hear the song exactly like I did, or that ending a tape with “Her Majesty” by The Beatles absolved me of having to tell actually her that I loved her a lot without that belly-full of wine.  And really, if I didn’t want to tell her myself, maybe she wasn’t worth it anyway.


3 responses to “1000 Minutes: Andy #18

  1. Concerned in Thailand

    Can’t believe I don’t have that Jack’s Mannequin song. Good write-up, spot on.

    You know, maybe I shouldn’t end my romantic mix tapes with ‘A Drag in D Flat’ by Saves the Day. Is it a statement of devotion/determination or extremely creepy stalker mission statement? Really up for grabs there…

  2. With you Powell it is clearly the latter.

  3. Concerned in Thailand

    You know me too well. And that’s why my mixes always fall on deaf ears with you… you’re always one step ahead.

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