New Releases: June 16

I believe I can safely say that this week is the worst one of 2009 so far when it comes to interesting new music.  Michael Buble, who I do like, is releasing a live album, which isn’t something I’d purchase.  If it was 10 years ago, the Incubus album would be interesting, but since it’s 2009, the only thing on this list that is “purchase-able” is White Denim, and this week is only the import.

I’d give you some related music like I usually do, but I don’t think anyone wants anything here, so there’s an older White Denim track, and a song that’s been in my head all weekend, even though we posted one from the band yesterday.  Have a great week everyone.

Brokencyde – I’m Not a Fan But the Kids Like It
George Harrison – Let It Roll: The Songs of George Harrison
Hank Williams Jr. – 127 Rose Avenue
Incubus – Monuments and Melodies
Jonas Brothers – Lines, Vines and Trying Times
Juicy J – Hustle Till I Die
Linkin Park – New Divide [Single]
Michael Buble – Michael Buble Meets Madison Square Garden
Spinal Tap – Back from the Dead
The Mary Onettes – Dare [Single]
The Wallflowers – Collected: 1996-2005
White Denim – Fits [Import]

White Denim – Darksided Computer Mouth (mp3) from Let’s Talk About It EP

Dirty Projectors – Temecula Sunrise (mp3) from Bitte Orca


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