1000 Minutes: Dave #17

I’m an idiot and didn’t write this until this morning while I have a house full of guests. So I’ll make this quick I suppose.

33. Rogue Wave – Publish My Love (mp3) from Descended Like Vultures (3:43) [Time Remaining: 864:32]

This song was my first introduction to this band I love so dearly today. Upon hearing this song once, though I do not remember where and how, I immediately went out and purchased this album. I listened the shit out of it and made copies for Andy, and forced it on my friend Ryan and anyone else who cared. I went crazy and bought their back catalogue right away, I went to a Guster concert merely to see them open, and later used the band’s song Eyes as my wedding song. This album is one of my all time favorites and this song is perhaps still the highlight.

34. The Anniversary – I Believe That The End of the Reign Of Terror Is Soon Near (mp3) from Devil On Our Side: B-Sides & Rarities (8:34) [Time Remaining: 855:58]

I got into The Anniversary back in college. I wasn’t strictly into emo but I went through a phase were I went to see Get Up Kids shows as well as Dashboard and Saves The Day, in addition to numerous other Vagrant bands I saw live. The Anniversary was the second head liner at two of these shows I attended. They were definitely an excellent and engaging live band and I loved when they rocked out and extended their song Perfectly to end shows. This particular song was actually on a Vagrant sampler I bought several years ago though the band included it on its B-Side anthology last year. It is perhaps fitting that I write about this song the day after we ask what music you like to drive to. This song works great in the car due to its length and multiple pace and tone changes. It is a sprawling opus that allows for shifts in emotion and thought, which works amazingly well for me in the car as I get bored and space out easily. The song’s nature allows for easy mind shifts so you can start on one topic and by the end of the song be somewhere else even crazier than six degrees.

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One response to “1000 Minutes: Dave #17

  1. Concerned in Thailand

    You’re post has caused me to revisit my Emo days (like I ever left…) and that awesome sampler CD. I def agree with the Anniversary in the car, although lately ‘Your Rocky Spine’ has inspired higher speeds than folk should ever induce.

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