Here at Tympanogram, we (Andy and I) struggle at times to sift through the emails we receive from bands offering up their music for review. Of what we receive most often we are sent terrible remixes of songs we probably never liked in the first place. Also received often are links to music videos, and/or links to unknown band’s promotional pages offering up their new EP or record. These unknown band emails we receive are all similar in that it is easy to tell bands use a template and insert the publication or blog name somewhere in the text. I’m not criticizing that in any way, but it is clear they are just sending their work to anyone who has a voice that can be heard. For us as the writers, it is somewhat difficult to check out all of the music sent via attached-mp3’s or links to Myspace pages. Usually I just devote some time to bust through everything that is unread in our inbox all at once and just delete the crap as well as music we wouldn’t write about. I try to give each email its due to locate any possible gems. If I know I won’t like the music after a few seconds I move on. But occasionally we find something worth mentioning. Through this method we have written about The Static Jacks, one Death to the Throne track and The Rest amongst others. Today we are writing about another band that has sent us their music that sounded pretty good.

Photons are an eight piece from San Francisco whose multiple instruments include the glockenspiel and the bassoon in addition to other less commonly utilized weapons of music. Band comparisons include Bloc Party and Arcade Fire though I would be inclined to say a comparison to The Decemberists would be slightly more apt. Perhaps it is lead singer James Parrish’s vocals, catchy back-beats, or just the overall feeling evoked from the band’s pop rock ethos. Whatever the comparison may be, the band has its own sound and this EP is delightfully enjoyable and worth a listen. The band has the new Glory! EP set for release on June the 23rd in digital formats and in record shops nationwide, though it has been available exclusively at Insound since May 12th. Try a few tracks on for size and see if they fit.

Photons – Where Were You Last Night (mp3) off the forthcoming Glory! EP

Photons – This Must Be Love (mp3) off the Photons EP


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