1000 Minutes: Dave #16

Like Andy mentioned in his most recent 1000 Minutes post, it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide whether or not a song is valuable enough to include in the project. I fear that some of the songs I’ve written about thus far will be less valued down the line, because at the time I wrote it, I was afraid to include too many songs by the same artists. I also fear some of the songs I’ve chosen thus far will no longer be held in high enough esteem when this is all done. This is partly due to the difficulty in gaging how much I will actually need to include to complete my entire time. I can get a rough estimate of how many songs I will be including, but certainly nothing concrete. From that it’s difficult to decide which 250 or so songs I would want to listen to forever. But then I realized this project is of our own invention and if I feel like changing shit at some point then I damn well will do so. But anyways.

31. Kenna – Daylight (mp3) from Make Sure They See My Face (4:26) [Time Remaining: 872:56]

Kenna came into my consciousness in college when I first heard and watched the video for the song Hell Bent. I love that song and its video and eventually it may make it into this list, but I know for certain this song belongs. The slow building intro erupts suddenly into sheer awesomeness right around the minute mark that continues the duration of the tune. Turn the volume up to eleven.

32. TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me (mp3) from Return To Cookie Mountain (4:39) [Time Remaining: 868:15]

I’m not a big fan of this band. The record this song is from of is the only I own from them because I find it merely okay and I thought Dear Science wasn’t very good. I think they are overrated and a chic pick for reviewers to make themselves seem cool. That said, this song is fucking killer. It was my first exposure to the band so I went right out and bought the record only to be disappointed. It isn’t all bad per se, just not what I was looking for. I didn’t receive much enjoyment from the record but I have received much pleasure from this song and will continue to do so.

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