Vinyl Saturday (June 20, 2009)

One of the two of the writers of this blog doesn’t own a record player, so the significance of the upcoming “Vinyl Saturday” is lost on him.  For the one that does, and for all of you out there who do own a record player, then June 20th is your next chance to snap up limited 7″s from Wilco and Modest Mouse.

Put on by the same folks who work on the now annual Record Store Day, Vinyl Saturday will feature fresh wax from not only Wilco and Modest Mouse, but also 7″s from Green Day, Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn, and Al Green, among others.

The Wilco record will feature an A-Side from their upcoming album Wilco (The Album) entitled “You Never Know” and a B-Side entitled “Unlikely Japan” – which is an early version of “Impossible Germany” from Sky Blue Sky.

As for Modest Mouse, their 7″ is the next in their series leading up to their August release of No One’s First & You’re Next, and it will contain the tracks “Autumn Beds” and “Whale Song.” The first in their 7″ series – “Satellite Skin” – is out now.  The vinyl is sold out, but you can still get the tracks through iTunes.

Check the Record Store Day website for participating stores in your area.

Modest Mouse – Satellite Skin (mp3) from the forthcoming No One’s First & You’re Next


3 responses to “Vinyl Saturday (June 20, 2009)

  1. I happened upon your blog and am pleasantly surprised-especially as one of many who believes that Rochester/Buffalo are great places to be from. Even with that sentiment-there was only one WBER in the early 90’s (..tribute to their mention in the post I saw).


    • Thanks Mike. Western NY is a great place to be from – regardless of my constant complaining about it.

      There still is only one WBER, although I find myself listening to it less than I’d like recently.

  2. Hey guys, thanks for writing about Vinyl Saturday.

    Your readers who routinely shop in indie stores won’t be surprised to hear that the Modest Mouse “Satellite Skin” 7″ can still be found in some stores. The stores where I work still have a bunch. I bet you can find a copy locally if you look. Record store employees can be packrats and we tend to stash away extra copies of cool things.

    Happy hunting and we’ll see you Saturday.

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