1000 Minutes: Dave #15

Today for my 1K I have an unofficial cover and then a song that is pretty much about nonsense. For the weekend I’ll be gone and most likely not writing, so if nothing gets done blame it on Andy. And if you love the posts more than anything else we’ve done then he probably asked me for input and/or I wrote most of it. But I kid.

29. Jon Solo – Blue Light (mp3) from the fan driven Blag Party as developed by Bloc Party (dot) net (3:05) [Time Remaining: 881:08]

We put up another piece of Blag Party this week in the Smörgåsbord and it prompted me to include this cover sooner. The original Blue Light is off one of my favorite albums of all time in Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm and is a standout track. One of the slower tracks on the album, whomever Jon Solo happens to be, slows and strips the song down further to acoustic guitars and ever more aching vocals. One of my favorite covers indeed.

30. Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness (mp3) from Bleed American (3:46) [Time Remaining: 877:22]

I’ve already written about one Jimmy Eat World effort as being an essential album. Right around the time I was enjoying that album I got this song, before the album was released. This version is actually a demo and different from what most have likely heard on the radio and on the disc. If my memory is correct I think the song was written but never actually intended for Bleed American. This is the only version I’ve ever kept on my computer since I found it way back when, because it is better. It is a more raw and emotional version without, what is in my opinion, far too much production on the cd version. I still love the song, and if I had never heard this demo, would probably love the album version as well. But you feel everything, including those irrational whoa-ohh’s, much more here.

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One response to “1000 Minutes: Dave #15

  1. I love “Sweetness.” Still sounds awesome after several years.

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