Tympanogram Recommends: Amie Street

Even before we were proprietors of a blog, Dave and I were constantly looking for music – new music, old music, cheap music, free music. We have the musical metabolisms of hummingbirds, consuming constantly, sometimes to our own detriment. Speaking for myself, I know that in my quest to accumulate music, I can often miss a good song when I first get it. It sometimes takes weeks/months/years for me to discover something I’ve owned for a long time.

The folks at Amie Street aren’t making anything easier on me in that regard. Since being drawn in by the allure of a half price album through their ads on Hype Machine, I’ve spent $42.50. But with that $42.50, I’ve purchased the following:

1. Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavillion
2. Au Revoir Simone – Still Night, Still Light
3. Au Revoir Simone – Reverse Migration
4. Au Revoir Simone – The Bird of Music
5. Au Revoir Simone – Verses of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation
6. Harlem Shakes – Technicolor Health
7. It Hugs Back – Inside Your Guitar
8. k-os – Yes! (Deluxe Edition)
9. Pelican – The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw
10. Jeremy Enigk – The Missing Link
11. The Black Keys – Chulahoma

In addition to those 11 albums, I purchased 34 songs to complete some albums, and I still have a balance of $21. (To be fair, the Au Revoir Simone was a package deal – if you purchased their new album, you got their other three for free.)

This type of purchasing on Amazon would have cost me about $130 altogether, and I’ve only spent $42 on Amie Street. In addition to offering excellent pre-pay deals (they match the amount you pre-pay over $25, but they are running a special right now where they match whatever you pre-pay from $5 and up), the community at Amie Street is consumer driven. If no one purchases a song/album, the music remains free or very cheap. (There are albums that sell for less than $1.) Popular albums generally cap at $8.98, and popular songs cap at 98 cents.

Finally, once you’re purchased a song, you have the ability to recommend it to other listeners. If the price of the song you’ve recommended increases, you receive a kickback to your account – keeping the music socially driven, and creating a sense of community on the site itself. (I have yet to try this, although I know I should.)

It’s nice to be a part of a site that is so clearly focused on word of mouth – the backbone of what good music always has been about anyway, and one that strikes a happy medium between artists and fans. While they don’t always have what I’m looking for, they’re fast becoming the first place I look for an album or song.

Please, go and check out Amie Street. Pre-pay $25 (or more!) and look around the site. Get some albums you were intending to but haven’t. Take a chance on an artist who has an album for less than $1. Find something you didn’t know you loved. Involve yourself in talking about what you already do love. You won’t regret it.


2 responses to “Tympanogram Recommends: Amie Street

  1. I’ve tried Amie St. before. Haven’t had any luck with the Rec’s because anything I’d want to pick I either own already (and am not going to buy again just to Recommend) or is already a relatively high price already. Haven’t been able to get ahead of the curve yet, I guess.

    Where do you get this matching pre-pay? I’ve never seen that.

    • I ran into that too about RECing something. I asked, but didn’t get a response if there was a way to REC something without having purchased it through them. I guess not.

      As for pre-paying, when I sign in, up toward the top on the right it says my balance, and then there is a link to “Add $.” I got it through there.

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