1000 Minutes: Andy #15

I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend. We obviously took a couple of days off to do a bunch of grilling and beer drinking. Today, however, we’re back to the proverbial grind.

This week I’m going to skip the New Releases post I usually do on Mondays, and just tell you to buy the Grizzly Bear album – even if you’ve found it somewhere else for free – and the Phoenix album, which sees its official release today as well. (If you were paying attention, however, you could have had the Phoenix one through iTunes two weeks ago.)

Here’s the latest chapter in my ongoing 1000 Minutes series.

31. The Black Keys – Just Got To Be (mp3) from Magic Potion (3:01) [Time Remaining: 821:31]

I’ve waxed poetic already on this blog, and on another one, about my great affection for the Dan Auerbach album that was released earlier in the year.  And while I certainly like that album, my favorite songs by The Black Keys tend to be the ones with the bruising blues riffs, and “Just Got To Be” nails that requirement.  It’s hard-charging and potent, a song that is perfect for swilling beer, or for making you wish you were.

I haven’t been a fan of The Black Keys for a long time, but once I found them, I acquired nearly their entire scope of music.  And in that scope – one that is vast and without a misstep – this is the track that personally shines the brightest.

32. Youth Group – The Frankston Line (mp3) from Skeleton Jar (3:47) [Time Remaining: 817:44]

Moving in an altogether different direction from The Black Keys is the thoughtful, building indie rock from this Aussie band.  In a literal sense, the Frankston Line is a train in Melbourne, Australia. (Read up on it’s Wikipedia page if you’re interested.)  While I’m obviously unable to speak with any authority regarding what the song means to the songwriter, on a personal level it’s an effective reminder about the constant push/pull of leaving – home, a relationship, anything loved.  It’s a song that stays, grows, changes meaning over time, and it has taken on multiple meanings for me in the time I’ve known it.


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