1000 Minutes: Dave #14

I wrote this big intro that had nothing to do with music, but I didn’t like it so I decided to scrap it and go simple. So, if you are new to our page and curious just what the hell those numbers next to the music below mean, check out this link to see our 1K Minutes idea laid out and prepare to be amazed with our genius and innovation.

27. Bjork – Army of me (mp3) from Post (3:54) [Time Remaining: 887:27]

While there are certainly many other songs I could choose to be the first of my list with a female singer, I decided now was as good a time as any to add this particular track to make it the first. I was a mere youth when this song was initially released and I first stumbled across it and its author. I recall getting a sense of something evil and foreboding as I heard this on the radio, and I dug it. For one reason or another I relate this song closely with the other track in this particular edition as well. This is certainly my favorite Bjork track, although ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ off the same record is fairly close.

28. PJ Harvey – Down By The Water (mp3) from To Bring You My Love (3:14) [Time Remaining: 884:13]

Both songs are from albums released in 1995. Both were played by the local radio station I’ve mentioned a few times before and likely will again, WBER. Both are dark songs thematically as well as musically. And somehow when I came upon these songs, dark appealed to me. Both are great songs and forever linked in my mind, so shall they remain linked forever on the interweb….that is unless we happen to take this page down.

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One response to “1000 Minutes: Dave #14

  1. I consider these two artists my first exposure to “gritty” female artists. I was in 8th grade and really starting to explore music off the beaten pop path. I could be mistaken but I cant recall many other “modern rock” lady led bands at that time, so they were proof to me that ladies had a place outside of the pop arena. They still have a spot of two in my Ipod today, and I think thats saying something.

    Good choices!
    (do they still call it modern rock? or was that an Ohio thing?)

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