Thursday Afternoon’s News

A couple things we’ve seen today that warrant a post.

– Have you seen the interactive video for Cold War Kids‘ “I’ve Seen Enough?”  No?  Well go and watch it at MTVMusic.  (Which is a redundant title for the website, if you ask me.)  You can switch the parts each band member plays, or shut them up altogether.

– Irish band Ash is releasing 26 songs over the course of the year, starting in September.  In anticipation, they’ve put a song up at their website for free – as long as you give them a valid e-mail address.  The song’s entitled “Return of White Rabbit,” and you can get it through the band’s official website.  I wonder if the songs for their singles project are already written, or if they’re restricting themselves to writing one song per two weeks.  That would seem to be a difficult task.

Ash – Sometimes (mp3) from Free All Angels

– The full length effort from Vampire Weekend/Ra Ra Riot electronic hybrid Discovery is set for release on July 7, NME is reporting.  Get some.

Discovery – Orange Shirt (mp3)


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