Saturday Morning Shorts

Here are some things we didn’t get around to posting this past week.

1. Paul Banks, lead singer of Interpol, will release a solo album under the name Julian Plenti on August 4.  While you probably knew that already, maybe you didn’t hear the first song off of it.

Julian Plenti – Fun That We Have (mp3) from the forthcoming Julian Plenti Is…Skyscraper

2. Kings of Leon will be playing the MTV Movie Awards. It’s no longer cool, or even ironic, to like them now that MTV has attached themselves to the band.

3. There’s a new Modest Mouse EP set to be released in August as well, entitled No One’s First & You’re Next.  Leading up to that, the band is supposedly releasing a series of 7″ singles, the first of which is set to come out on May 26.  Here’s the first track.

Modest Mouse – Satellite Skin (mp3) from the forthcoming No One’s First & You’re Next

4. If you hadn’t noticed, the much-anticipated, much-leaked Phoenix album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, is for sale on iTunes, two weeks prior to its official release.


2 responses to “Saturday Morning Shorts

  1. Great post partner.

  2. Thanks. But that guy Valentino might think we actually went through with the sex, now that you’re calling me “partner.”

    Or are you just going through a cowboy phase?

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