The Peekers

A while back we were sent some records to listen to by a friend of a friend. At the time we got them I gave them each a brief listen to see if there were any I would want to keep listening to. I have listened to one in particular and as such the first I’ve felt like talking about is from a six piece called The Peekers. We received the record Life In The Air before it was officially released by Park The Van on March 24. One track from the band was actually included as part of the free Park The Van sampler offered on Amazon recently, but it isn’t on this record so I won’t be posting it. We weren’t asked to do anything specific, but considering we aren’t exactly a review site and I prefer writing in a different manner, this isn’t a straight review.

The forum in which I have listened to the record, for the most part, is while I am showering. I popped the cd in the boom-box upstairs in the bathroom and soaked it in while washing my nether-bits on numerous occasions. The band’s sound could be described as almost a retro-ish pop/rock, and style changes are made quite frequently. There are several bits of the record that I rather enjoy. To my ears, the most intriguing part of the record is the first twenty seconds or so of the opener, Your Morning Toast. Not that the rest of the song is bad, but it changes directions pretty drastically at the twenty-three second mark, or somewhere thereabouts, away from what I felt could be an excellent song. For my tastes, the tracks with male vocals work better, though the interplay between the male and female singers is enjoyable. The more retro-sounding tracks, i.e. Close My Eyes, were my least favorite.

Get yourself a taste.

The Peekers – Your Morning Toast (mp3) from Life in the Air

The Peekers – My First Surprise (mp3) from Life in the Air

The Peekers – Concrete Feet (mp3) from Life in the Air


One response to “The Peekers

  1. Seeing how you mentioned you in the shower I wanted to write a quip reminding you to beware of possibly “tainted” soap. You never know when someone might sneak in your house and do god-knows-what to your precious soap. I’m just saying.

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