‘McNutty’ and Eminem

And now for some absurd news: According to the attached article by NME, Dominic West, the actor who portrays Jimmy McNulty on Tympanogram fave The Wire, has a small part on Eminem’s new album. Apparently he portrays a doctor in a skit on the album. Which brings me to question, why is it that rap albums have skits? When did this start and who thought it was a good idea, let alone why has the practice been perpetuated? And why only on rap albums? What would people say if Death Cab For Cutie had a bunch of nonsensical skits that aren’t funny in between tracks on their album?

Don’t look for an Eminem mp3 from us because I think the guy sucks. But if you for some reason like his terrible music, his new crappy album will come out on 5/17.


2 responses to “‘McNutty’ and Eminem

  1. I remember at least one Coolio skit being really funny.

  2. yeah skits are pretty shit.

    de la soul and pharcyde had a few crackers though!

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