New David Bazan Album Information

If you read our post over at Breakthru Radio this past Friday, we listed this talked about album as one of our most anticipated of the year, and now there’s some details out there.  I don’t know when this got put up on Barsuk’s site, but the new David Bazan album has been slated for release on September 1.

The label has the album name listed as Curse Your Branches, and that’s about it.  The information isn’t available on Bazan’s website as of yet either.  Through the Barsuk site, you can sign up to be notified when the album is available for pre-order.  Or you can just keep checking back yourself.

I can only assume that the album’s supposed title has something to do with the song that has been kicking around for about a year an a half or so with the same name.  You can find a live version of it here.

In the meantime, if you can swing it, Bazan is looking for houses where he can play some tunes this summer.  Check out where he’s heading, and see if you can swing one yourself.

Color us excited.


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